Privacy not Prism – Free Public Lecture

Free Public Lecture organised by Queen Mary Institute of Computer & Communications Law (ICCL), in association with Law is War.

Thursday 21st November – 6:30 – 8pm

Venue: Centre for Commercial Law Studies, Queen Mary, UoL, 67-69 Lincoln’s Inn Fields

Free event but limited places, book online at:

Edward Snowden has revealed the shocking extent to which the American and British intelligence agencies can spy on what we do online. Surveillance schemes such as PRISM and TEMPORA mean that everything, down to the content of our private emails and conversations can be routinely snooped on.

Government Ministers have told us this is acceptable and necessary to fight against terrorism, throwing our rights to privacy and freedom of expression out of the window.

In response, a coalition of civil liberties groups has come together to challenge GCHQ in the European Court of Human Rights. Come and hear from the very people who are leading the fight against mass surveillance.

Peter Bradwell – Policy Director, Open Rights Group & Ravi Mehta – Barrister, Blackstone Chambers

Open Rights Group is the UK’s foremost digital rights NGO, which campaigns to defend civil liberties whenever they are threatened by the implementation of digital technology. It works on a wide range of issues including privacy, freedom of expression, censorship, copyright and data protection. ORG is one of the groups bringing the action against GCHQ along with Big Brother Watch, English PEN and Constanze Kurze.

Ravi Mehta is a barrister at Blackstone Chambers. He is working on the case against GCHQ and has a broad range of experience in public law & human rights, including a judicial review of knife crime stop-and-searches and a habeus corpus claim concerning a detainee held by the US Government in Afghanistan.


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