Amy studied Psychology at BSc and MSc level before working as an assistant psychologist/researcher with young people experiencing mental health difficulties.  In 2010 she packed up her bags and backpacked around Asia for 19 months, stopping only to help with the Japanese tsunami clean-up operation and to complete an internship at a Burmese human rights NGO.  She’s just finished her LLM in Human Rights Law, and is increasingly interested in the ways in which states deal with dissent, both in policy and legislation, and through repressive police practices.  Amy also loves to paint and is interested in art’s role in spreading messages of dissent and resistance.  Amy is actively looking for writing and research projects to become involved with.

Jag is an LLB/LPC graduate and recently completed an LLM in Computer & Communications Law, receiving the academic prize for highest mark within his specialism.  He has a passion for human rights and a special interest in the civil liberties implications of the state’s implementation and use of technology, with a particular focus on privacy and freedom of expression.  He has worked in a range of legal environments and aims to qualify as a solicitor in the future.  When a break from the law is required Jag enjoys producing electronic music and plays a number of instruments.

Contact: lawiswarblog@gmail.com


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