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Police intelligence obsession ignores law and balks at accountability

Three issues have come to light over the last few days which raise yet more concerns around police operations, privacy and freedom of expression.  All three have a common theme in that they all show the police’s willingness to flout the law and desire to actively obstruct those who challenge their unlawful actions.   1. […]

Cameron, Tabloids & Tyrants: Vous n’êtes pas Charlie

The tragic events that took place in Paris last week have stimulated heated debate about a range of difficult issues including where the limits of freedom of expression lie and how best to tackle extremism.  This post is not intended to deal comprehensively every aspect of this debate but to highlight the hypocrisy of those who […]

Why the Tories can’t be trusted on freedom of expression or privacy

With last month’s announcement that a majority Conservative Government would repeal the Human Rights Act, replace it with a ‘British Bill of Rights’, and in all likeliness withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights, the future of human rights protection in the UK has been thrown into some uncertainty. Ironically –  and as if […]

DPP attempts to rein in social media prosecutions

Director of Public Prosecutions Keir Starmer QC has issued his final guidelines on when prosecutions should be brought against those who have made supposedly unlawful posts on social media. The number of such cases has been on the rise over the last couple of years, and a number of high-profile incidents have received mainstream media attention, […]